Friday, October 25, 2013

Ghost County, USA

Presenting for the first time almost anywhere Travesty, Ltd.'s unreleased Halloween classic, "Ghost County, USA."

Recorded in the late 1980s for reasons unclear, this track was not included on any official Travesty release, be it long-playing vinyl, compact disc, cassette, or 8-track tape. In fact, the only time anyone in the group ever thought about it at all was usually in November when the realization struck that, oops, we forgot to get this out for the Halloween season. Again.

So, finally, this cut, which both Time and Newsweek might have labeled "brilliant" had they been given the opportunity, is being made available to a listening public. Bobby "Boris" Pickett, were he still alive, might have felt a pang of jealousy that "Ghost County, USA" was destined to replace "Monster Mash" as the official theme song of the Halloween season.

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You're welcome.