Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Travesty Christmas

As heard on WETC-AM, the Big 490 in Poxville, Md., in the year of our Lord 1983, A Travesty Christmas was a send-up of a particular type of unctuous middle-of-the-road radio program that has disappeared from the airwaves. This may be a good thing, and yet we kinda miss those insufferable bastards. Any relation to DJs living and dead is perhaps intentional.

Produced and engineered by Rich West, the Travesty team included Pat Carroll, Tom Welsh, Jim Phalen, Bob Young, Bill O'Leary, Larry Zabel, and Dave Nuttycombe.

Featured performers are Dianne Bye, JB Forbes, Root Boy Slim, Johnson, Matilda, and Joe Lee. The Travesty Tabernacle Choir consists of Ellen Achiron, Laura First, Bruce Hartley, Bob Walker, and Paul Zavinksy.

Herewith, a few of the musical moments from this exciting radio playlet. The full recording will be available in physical and/or digital form in the coming year. We hope.


"Riot In Toytown"

"A Holiday Message From the Council of Overly Concerned Citizenry"

"O Little Town of Gomorrah"

"Let's Put the X Back in Xmas"

"Tonight the Baby X Was Born"